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Web Portal Solutions are old-hands at mobile app development. We provide a fully tailored mobile app service for both iOS and Android. Our focus is not games or novelty apps but content rich mobile apps.

Our expertise makes us a perfect partner for anyone looking to integrate their services with a mobile app to give their business a real commercial advantage. Our clients include organisations in the Public Sector, big brands, global businesses and start-ups. What they all have in common is a mobile app that is right for them, meets their expectations, delivered on time and with budget.

Our key mobile app features


Better than emails and more effective than anything other notification types. By integrating push notifications in your App, you can connect directly with your audience.


While your app must run quickly, it is also essential that your App has high quality images. If don’t, you will demotivate your users and it will eventually cost you your customers.


This is quite simply essential. The more data your App contains, the better search function you will need. If don’t have a search function then you won’t have a great App.


Obvious right? Social media integration is key here. From social sign-up to sharing seamless, we build it to the core of the App.


Different screen sizes. No problem. Responsive design resizes the content for any screen size and resolution on any phone or tablet irrespective of the manufacturer.


Irrespective of the complexity of the App, the user experience design will be uncluttered and straightforward with the elements placed in the proper context, space, and size.


Urgh. Yeah, we know. Don’t worry. We’ll advise you so that your App is compliant. But it might mean eliminating some app features that risk non-compliance.


Machine learning is possible to analyse your users’ behaviour and encourage specific outcomes. We are talking about bots, speech and image recognition.


This is great technology but we need to manage your expectations. Avatars, face filters and world effects are possible but it is early days…


We use cross-platform app development frameworks for iOS and Android. Obvious really. This means cost-saving solution if you are developing for both platforms.


Whatever your industry, data integrity and confidentiality matter. The more you integrate your App with other systems, the more it matters and the more we care about it.


The more integration with your management systems and other services, the better the App. Not always true but very nearly always true.


Interactivity is what we are all about. Our Apps focus on the touch with taps and swipes. If you want to use a keyboard, it is fine. But why would you?


There is no such thing as bad publicity, right? Instant feedback is central to all our Apps. Good or bad, you need to know. Otherwise, how will you improve?


Some of our Apps work without an internet connection so whatever your location, however remote or difficult, you can continue working.

How much does a mobile app cost?

It is no small matter developing a bespoke mobile app. It is important to be realistic about costs. These are ballpark figures. It is often more, it can be less. Anyone quoting you wildly different figures should be a red flag.

A standard app developed for a single platform (either iOS or Android) costs from £30k
A standard app developed for both platforms (iOS and Android) costs from £45k

Mobile app front-end development

There are different skills required in the development of a mobile app. The front end of the mobile app is what the user experiences. The “User experience” or “UX” is what happens on the app, rather than what goes on behind the scenes, which is known as the backend.

We’ll work with to develop the user experience by storyboarding ideas, developing design concepts, testing them with your target audience, and refining them again and again. All the time guiding you and keeping you within the bounds of what is achievable within your budget and the technology. Our great skill is our ability to say “no” to you. We will never overpromise. And always keep your expectations realistic.

We work with a variety of mobile app development frameworks including React, Ionic and Onsen. Depending on your budget, your requirements and your platform will choose what works best for your mobile app rather than what is easier for us. Although in nearly every case your best option aligns with ours.

The mobile app back-end development

Regardless of what front-end platform or development framework is being used, delivering high-quality mobile apps requires reliable back-end services. Given the critical importance of back-end services for the success of the mobile application, you will need good advice and experienced developers. And it is for that reason you will use Web Portal Solutions for your Mobile app development.

There are going to be important decision that significantly impact the success of your app moving forward. You need to think about servers. For most apps a Cloud Server is the answer but there are a few instances when an onsite server is a better option. And then we need to think about encryption and security, data storage, web services and notifications. The next big decision is the database. And then there is middleware. That’s how you connect your front-end development to your back-end development.

Get any of these decisions wrong and you got problems. But get them right and the benefits are huge. However, with our help you will get these decisions right and the rewards are very great.

Maintaining your mobile app

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to create a perfect App from the start. All you are really doing is overspending on initial costs. The reality is that no matter how good the original app is, there will be user feedback after its release. Since these users will ultimately determine if your app is a success, we think you should be prepared to make changes.

You will have to release updates, roll out new features, improve functionality and fix any bugs. So, it’s essential to have an arrangement in place to maintain your app and keep your app users happy. As well as ongoing App support, the team at Web Portal Solutions can also put the analytics and data gathering measures in place so that you can continually optimise the platform and achieve more of your business objectives from it.

Our app development philosophy

1. Quick

We work quickly without fuss or drama and this reduces your costs and your time to market.

2. Cost-efficient

We’ll maximise your feature set so you the get the most bang for your buck.

3. Focused

We’ll take full responsibility for the development so you can focus on your business.

4. Cloud infrastructure

We’re bespoke coders. But we also use tools available from Cloud services.

5. Continuous delivery

Apps are ongoing projects. We never stop maintaining and improving your app.

6. Security

Always first. Always the most important. We’ll make sure your app is secure.

7. Privacy

Your data is safe. Your uses data is safe. And we’ll make sure you are compliant.

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