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How much does a portal cost?

29 August 2023

It’s a great question. Now you can find out instantly because Web Portal Solutions have launched an Instant Online Portal Quotation tool. Most people recognise the value of web portals for better customer, staff, or agent interactions, but estimating the cost of a portal can be a hurdle. With the launch of their instant online […]

How Web Portal Solutions Helped TUI Build a Great Portal

07 August 2023

TUI is a leading global travel company with a strong presence in the UK. In 2021, they approached Web Portal Solutions to help them build a new portal for their third-party and in-house agents. The portal needed to be able to consolidate and integrate all of TUI’s accommodation data from different brands and systems. It […]

You want to Integrate your ERP system with your portal? You must be mad…

07 August 2023

Let’s not beat about the bush, integrating your ERP system with a web portal can be a difficult task for a number of reasons. Technical challenges: ERP systems and web portals are often built on different platforms and use different technologies. This can make it difficult to integrate the two systems and ensure that they communicate […]

Integrating a CRS System into Your Website. Speak to the experts: Web Portal Solutions

07 August 2023

A CRS system, or central reservation system, is a software application that allows travel agents and other businesses to book travel arrangements. It can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to streamline their booking process and improve customer service. However, integrating a CRS system into a website can be a complex task. This […]

Integrating Power BI into your Web Portal is a game changer.

07 August 2023

When Web Portal Solutions integrated Power BI into their client’s portal it transformed their business. Power BI is a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool that can help businesses make better decisions by providing insights into their data. However, Power BI is not just a desktop application. It can also be embedded in web portals, which […]

“Actually, I do take it personally…”

25 July 2022

I heard it again a few months ago. The first time for many years and it bothered me. A lot. I thought, in this new world, we had left that bull behind. I was angry, but now I know that I dodged a bullet. That phrase? “It’s not personal, it’s business.” The mantra of the […]

Top five tips for building a web portal 2021

15 July 2022

If there’s one thing to say about web portals it’s that if you are going to build one, you might as well do it right. Building a web portal is no small matter, these projects take up a lot of time, money and resources. It is essential you set your expectations for your portal before […]

What can a web portal do for my business?

03 September 2021

It’s a simple question, yet often overlooked. What can a web portal do for my business? What are the benefits? Will it improve my turnover? Will it save me money? All the information you need is within a read away… IMPROVED COMMUNICATION A web portal can improve communication and management processes for your company. It […]

3 web portal examples your business can learn from

11 August 2021

WHY DO ORGANISATIONS INVEST IN PORTALS? There are many different reasons why an organisation would implement a web portal. It can improve communication processes externally with partners and internally with staff. As well as that, it can simplify processes and integrate data to be accessible in one place. There are different types of portal, from […]

When to consider online portal develppment

23 July 2021

Knowing whether you should develop your online systems can sometimes be a tough call. There may be many questions and challenges you are facing, and that’s totally understandable. Building a portal requires time and money, it’s not a small investment. In the real world, we all want speedy and professional digital solutions, and we like […]