Why your business needs an online web portal

Building a web portal might just be the answer your company needs for developing your business. It can save you money, improve processes and ensure better customer retention. It is safe to say a web portal can benefit a business in many ways. And, it might be a huge opportunity you are currently missing out on. Keep reading as we go through different types of web portal development, their examples and the benefits they bring.


Building a web portal for your clients can be very beneficial. For one, it can improve business processes. How? Well, by integrating with your existing systems a portal can collate information to be accessible in one place. This provides a more streamlined platform for businesses to use – increasing client satisfaction and improving their management. Also, a B2B portal allows you to manage your relationships with different customers, distributors and partners from a single platform. This will be very convenient for your clients. In addition to this, you can also personalise a portal for users. This can come in handy as you can permit partners to view tailored content. Examples: A ticketing system. A management system, integrating order details, partners, messages etc to be in one place.


If you are looking for a portal for your own business to use in-house, that’s great. Here are some benefits this will bring. To begin with, it can improve your HR operations as staff shifts/holidays/training can be made available in one place. As a result, this can provide a more seamless experience for your staff. The better their experience with your company the more likely you will retain employees. Secondly, it will reduce the need to train employees in the use of a multi Backoffice system. In addition to this, an in-house portal can organise and optimise your processes. Support tickets can be accessible in one place. This help reduce e-mail traffic, freeing up your staff’s time. In this sense, a portal can help you save costs. Examples: A sales portal, CRM portal.


A business to consumer portal has many benefits. Self-service has been proven to be appealing to customers. 70% of consumers expect a company to include a self-service application and 40% prefer self-service to human contact. Putting customers in control can enhance their experience, leading to better customer retention. Being able to find their own answers at a time convenient to them will be very appealing for customers. As a result, it might even help acquire new prospects. Self-service can be beneficial for taking tasks out of your staff hands also. It’s a win-win! Examples: via a membership portal or a custom design portal. One of our examples are here. We’re experienced web portal developers and love taking on new projects! If you are interested in building or developing your existing portal, were more than happy to help.