Who doesn’t love the automotive sector? The glamour, the excitement, the winning. In short, the pure sexiness of it. And that is all great but what Solutions love are the processes, the attention to detail. And the technology. And that is the bit we are really good at.

Whether we are creating interactive kiosks, filming corporate events, building management systems to feed into a customer portal, we excel because we understand that first and foremost you are a business. Whatever your requirement, we’ll deliver the best technology and the best solutions that will meet your needs within budget and on time so that you gain a real commercial advantage.

Solutions Group

The Solutions Group is the home of the Solutions brand and the Solutions businesses. All the businesses are a little different but what they all have in common is that their success is based on the great people that work there. You expect us to be solution-driven (of course), technically excellent and brilliantly creative. And, of course, you will like us very much.

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Previous projects

We are very proud of our work. Please check out our case studies page. Every client is different but what they all have in common is a great solution, that met their expectations and was delivered on time and within budget.

Web Portal Solutions Bentley


Motorsport has been at the heart of Bentley for over 100 years. When Bentley needed […]

Web Portal Solutions Case Studies


The huge BMW Group plant in Oxford is one of the oldest and yet most […]

Web Portal Solutions

Charge Automotive

Charge cars are a global, specialist luxury automotive company. They have one very unique product […]

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